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Setting : Essentials Nentir Vale modified by home made / home brew / created towns, NPC’s, monsters, magical items and much more.

Plot : Various “Heroes” are journeying individually to the small farming village known as Meadowbrook (a home made town) for varying and differing reasons. (See the PC’s journals for more information.)

The village of Meadowbrook has suddenly become a popular destination for a variety of good and ill intentioned people, monsters and more due to its recently discovered gold mine.

Meadowbrook is located at the end of the road heading south west from Winterhaven. More specifically, it is west of the Gardbury Downs, north of the Ogrefist Hills and south of the Stone March Mountains.

Then : The heroes met up with each other at the crossroads leading from Fallcrest to Winterhaven and are collectively heading south west to Meadowbrook because there is safety in numbers.

Now : After fending off many ambush attacks in the woods surrounding the road, by a local gang of Goblins known as the Rat Fangs, as well as encounters with territorial Bears, ravenous Wolves, curious Hunters and blood sucking Stirges, the heroes are on a crusade to rescue Ignatius William Runn and Ole Mann’s Pearl of Pontification, in addition to whatever other treasures they may find within the lair of their fierce foes.

The Questions : Will the heroes succeed in their crusade to save I. Will Runn, the son of the mayor and tax collector of Meadowbrook? Is the precious Pelorian Pearl of Pontification truly within the treasure horde of the Rat Fangs? Will the party find mellow Meadowbrook before several Brigands from a Battalion of the Brigade of Bane bring brutal beatings to the seemingly defenseless verdant village of friendly farmers? …AND can the current Crusaders truly trust each other when they barely even know each other? What will happen next?

Crusaders and Marauders

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