The Ratfangs are a Tribe of Goblins operating in the region of the Gardbury Downs. Recently they have moved from their traditional territory in the south Western Hills of the Downs to the region immediately surrounding the Mining Town of Meadowbrook. In addition to raiding caravans and hamlets in the area, they have allied with the Battalion of Bane and now patrol the road to Winterhaven in an attempt to prevent any assistance from reaching the beleaguered town.

For further readings on the Ratfangs and the Gardbury Downs Goblins see Monsieur Delleraix’s excellent dissertation Les Investigacion o’ le habitants o’ les Downs de Gardbury, available through the Royal Geographic Society. Published posthumously with funding from the Delleraix estate. – MRoberts

Reginald Fairfield:

Delleraix’s treatment is adequate, but often takes a xenophobic tone. For a fairer assessment of the monstrous races of Gardbury Downs, read the half-orc field scholar Karrkrash. Although his treatment Other Green and Gray People is written (sometimes poorly, as seen in the title) in his native Giant, there are some truly insightful passages hidden within.

Hang Jebat:

Although I’m not a scholar like Reginald, I do agree that Karkrash wrote a great piece. We had to read it at the academy in Sir Asspyke’s class “Human’s, Humanoids, and Demihumans.” There’s also a really good novel by Emily Cockson called On the Downs. Some people think it’s a “Chick Book” but I found it… touching.


I’d just like to pitch in and say that the Ratfangs weren’t really that bad. THEY never asked a small, defenseless halfling child to fight on the front lines. THEY quite respected my opinions. They always let me stay up as late as I wished, and never scolded me for using squirrels as target practice. Also: I NEVER had to walk on my own feet when I travelled with them. You guys suck.


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