Hang Clan

Clan Hang

Sigil – a coiled Dragon, black on a golden field.

The Hang Clan traces its lineage back to the very beginnings of the ancient Arkhosian Empire. The official founder of the clan was Hang Kasturi, a knight in the service of Archaemanses the first King of Arkhosia. It is likely that the Clan, or at least a family by the name of Hang, was prominent in the Arachtos region, where the clan still holds a great deal of land and titles. The clan has a long and prestigious history of service to the Arkhosian Emperors, including one Regent to the young King Anaxeous III. Hang Majoza served as Anaxeous’ regent for five years until the boy reached adulthood. The king was to marry Majoza’s eldest daughter Illiartia solidifying the clan’s already powerful position. Illartia died two weeks prior to the wedding during the Plague of Red Tears. This tragedy and conflicts with other clans and power groups reduced the clan’s influence at court for several centuries.

The clan rose to prominence again during the Dallarian Interegnum. Hang Sinese, second son to the Clan Head and Knight of the Shield in the Order of the Platinum Dragon led a small force against Dallarius the Usurper at the Battle of Lake Aria. Sinese and his Heavy Cavalry cut through the Usurper King’s guard. According to legend, Hang Sinese granted Dallarius clemency until he could be brought to justice by Archaemanses Ixiarchus (the Golden-eye). Dallarius surrendered but then turned on Sinese and struck him with a poisoned dagger. Sinese drew his longsword, the Tamaring Sa’al and plunged it through Dallarius heart killing him instantly. Sinese then fell and died from the poisonous wound. The Tamaring Sa’al has been wielded by every Hang Clan Head for the last five centuries. It’s true powers are unknown, but there are many rumors. Warriors of the Hang clan favor the various knightly orders and tend to be mostly Heavy Cavalry fighters and commanders, in honor of their most famous ancestor.

In payment for the sacrifice of Hang Sinese, Archaemanses the Golden-eye named the clan Gens Pactii est Primus (First Clan). For the next hundred years the clan held many prestigious and influential positions including, Iron Lord of the Church of Bahamut, Imperial Magister , High Justicar, three Commanders of the Royal Guard, two Provincial Governorships, and one High Priestess of Pelor. During the wars with Bael Turath the clan suffered terribly. At the Battle of Thorns the Clan lost Hang Garda the Axe Lord (Clan Head), his two sons Tuah and Abraxus as well as most of the sons and fathers of the most prominent clan families. Other battle cost the clan many of its best sons and daughters. Treachery at court cost the clan their seat along with the execution of Hang Fallon, the new Clan Head.

When Arkhosia fell the Clan Mother, Illorya, fled with the remainder of her kin to the southern city of Nemertia. For the past few centuries the Clan has maintained a strong presence in the city and has regained some of its wealth and power. The Hang clan is currently active in the Church of Bahamut and controls a major trading house with seventeen ships trading primarily in spices and jade. It is rumored than the clan has considerably more wealth than is publicly known and is influential in other trading cities along the southern coast.

The current Clan Head is Hang Braxus son of Hang Tuah (the second). Braxus has two younger siblings: Alvara, married to Denrath of Clan Thoras, and Jebat a Knight in the Order of the Platinum Dragon. Braxus is married to Mallynya of Clan Qorat and is expecting the birth of their first child within the year. Braxus is newly appointed after the death of his father Hang Tuah. Whether Braxus will prove as strong and decisive (some say ruthless) as his father is yet to be seen.

Hang Clan

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