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  • Merciless Mace

    Many medieval manuscripts proclaim that The Merciless Mace is so malevolent that it will murder anyone not worthy enough to wield it maelstrom of might. - *Brutal Brom*

  • Bottomless Basket

    One of the fabled items created by the Raven family. It is said to be limitless in its bountiful offering of monetary gifts. - *Brutal Brom*

  • Crimson Crown

    Another item that was created by the Raven family. Legends claim that this crown imparts the wearer the ability to make the wisest decision among many concerning financial matters.

  • Blizzard Breath

    A dreaded and deadly White Chromatic Dragon known to occassionally hunt the areas north and south of the Winterbole Forest during winter, especially when the rivers freeze and it hungers for human flesh. She is rumored to be in league with the Frost …

  • Vanaireole Deezees

    At one time Vanaireole Deezees was a powerful wizard of great renown from the far south. It is said that he dabbled a bit too much and too often with uncovering the deepest and darkest secrets of demonic magic. The end result changed him and not for the …

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