Crusaders and Marauders Reward Points


A Player can earn a varying number of Crusaders and Marauders Reward Points by ambitiously demonstrating a wide variety of positive behaviors and/or creative hard working methods, including but not limited to the following :

Composing an ongoing journal / diary from the PC’s point of view, composing an appropriate biography, photo and/or notes about NPC’s, Villains, Magical Items or Places that the PC’s have met and/or visited in game, adding relevant material to the C&M message board, updating their PC sheet, physically attending scheduled game sessions on time, being prepared at the game start time, confirming and replying to emails in a prompt manner, creating a commissioned material object that enhances the fun or ease of the game for the group, being flexible with game scheduling, acting mature and finding the sunny side of life when things do not always go your way, buying and reading the Essentials tomes and knowing the D&D 4th edition Essentials Rules and etc….

A Player may spend any accrued C&M R.W. points to acquire rare, useful and/or powerful items that are offered only by Ringo the Gringo. – Brutal Brom

Crusaders and Marauders Reward Points

Crusaders and Marauders BrutalBrom