Welspo Kinn

Halfling/Goblin Mix


Welspo Kinn is a Halfbreed goblin, who had an unfortunate run in with The Crusaders. His excellent grammar and quick wit helped him to avoid death and scamper away. For a full description of he story see below.


Welspo Kinn is the offspring of an unfortunate couple named Melinda Landesdown and Alfred Kinn. The Halfing couple had the misfortune of being set upon by a goblin raiding party as they traveled along the King’s Road from Harkenwold to Fallcrest. They survived their terrifying ordeal only to discover some months later that Melinda was with child. Being conscientious and naturally caring people they could not do what others might consider “the obliging thing to do,” but rather kept the child as their own. Welspo, as it turned out, appeared to all the world to be nothing more than a typical Goblin, and yet his Halfling blood gave him many gifts. He had his mother’s keen intellect and penchant for learning languages. She spoke no less than four and taught him all she knew. He apprenticed under his father as a haberdasher and showed a strong talent for keeping the books. Mathematics came to him naturally and his readings created a wonderlust in him. At the age of just fifteen Welspo left home to discover the world. Unfortunately the world was not ready for Welspo Kinn. Despite repeated attempts at finding employment in Fallcrest and Winterhaven, Welspo eventually ran out of money and luck. With few options available to him, and in the face of unrelenting racism, Welspo eventually fell in with a group of young goblins. He quickly found himself caught up in the Ratfangs Tribe and their alliance with the Battalion of Bane. After a violent clash with a group of adventurers Welspo fled the Nentir Vale Region. His current whereabouts are unknown, although there are rumors of a secretive owner of the most excellent Haberdashery, operating in one of the southern coastal cities.

Character Creator : Brutal Brom
Character Biography : MRoberts

Welspo Kinn

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