an innocent, golden-curled child



L4 Halfling Thief

HP@L4: 41
8 healing surges / day; value 11 (take durable feat ASAP)
6 squares of move

Gold = 180ish (buy items that will help you survive… better healing potions?)
Belt of Vigor (1 surge value)
Veteran’s Armor (
1 AC, improves action point with +1 attack bonus and +1 defenses until end of next turn)
Ring of Resuss (revival)

STR 8 | -1
DEX 21 | +5
CON 14 | +2
INT 10 |
WIS 10 |
CHA 14 | +2

Jess gets a 14 attack bonus during CA.
5 dex, 2lvl, +1 LBE, +2 CA, +3 prof, +1twt)
Jess gets +9 damage during CA
5 dex, +1LBE, +2WepFin, +1 TWF)

attack: 14 short blade (1d65+2wefi+1lbe dam, 2d6 sneak) = (3d69 vs CA)
thrown attack: 14 dagger, 5 squares(shortrange), (1d42d6+8)
thrown attack: 12 dagger, 10 squares(longrange), (1d42d6+8) [must use tactical trick for CA]

longrange: 12 shortbow, 15 squares(shortrange), (1d82d6+7) [must use tactical trick for CA]

INIT: 7 [+5(dex) +2 (½lvl)]

AC: 21 [10 +5(dex) +2 (½lvl) +3 leather +1 twd], 23 against aoo

FRW: 14/20/14
[18 will against fear]

Stealth: 14
Acrobatics: 14
Thievery: 12
Bluff: 9
Streetwise: 9 (replace with insight next time you don’t use your retraining skill)
Perception: 7
Athletics: 6

Diplomacy: 4
Intimidate: 4
Insight: 2 (swap Streetwise with Insight ASAP)
Dungeon: 2 (Jess doesn’t know jack about dungeons)

Sneak attack: 2d6 extra damage once/turn vs CA (you can SA once on your own turn, and also on every AOO)
Backstab: +3 bonus to attack, enemy takes +1d6 damage (2/enc), w/in 5 squares, CA
Weapon Finesse: Use dex, +2 damage for light blades, crossbows, shortbows and slings
First Strike: CA against creatures that have not acted
Second Chance: Reroll one enemy attack per encounter (use it vs crits)
Action Point: Gives you +1 Attack bonus, +1 to defenses, until the end of your next turn (vet armor)

TRICKS (3 at 4th level)
Ambush trick: Combat advantage (+2 to-hit) against lone enemies within 5 squares
Tactical trick: Move out of ally-adjacent squares with immunity, get CA against nearby enemies
Unbalancing trick: Shift 2 squares, knock enemy prone with attack (must flank or have another source of CA)

Utility trick:
Jumping: Minor action, jump over three squares

FEATS: (3 at L4)
light blade xpert: +1 acc, +1 dam for combat advantage
two weapon fighting: +1 damage while dual-wielding
two weapon defense: +1 AC while dual-wielding
@L6: durable (more potions for really dangerous fights)
@L8: toughness (increases surge value, 5 more hp every day, a bit more max hp before combat begins)
@L10: disciple of stone (if Jess cd be convinced)
OTHERS: Cunning Stalker (not that useful for Jess), Born of Shadow→ShadowBlood,ShadowControl (situational)

Lang: Common, Goblin


~Move action: Jess uses tactical trick or ambush trick to get combat advantage.
~Standard action: Basic Melee Attack, charge if squares are open, or throw a dagger. This gets sneak attack damage. The attack bonus and damage bonus are detailed below.
~Minor action: This can be used to drink a potion, draw a fresh dagger if one has been thrown, or use the thief encounter power “sudden leap” to jump 3 squares.

Details: If Jess throws a dagger he always draws a new one with a minor action. If Jess can’t get combat advantage he uses second wind instead of attacking. If he has less than 20 hp he drinks a potion. (He can only survive 2 hits at max HP.) At the beginning of the combat, Jess’s goal is to get behind an enemy so the other players can gain CA against it.

Jess gets a 14 attack bonus to-hit during CA.
5 dexterity bonus, +2 level bonus, +1 light blade expertise feat, +2 combat advantage, +3 proficiency with light blades, +1 thief weapon talent)

Jess gets 9 damage during melee CA
5 dexterity bonus, +1 light blade expertise, +2 Weapon Finesse, +1 two weapon fighting)

attack: 14 short blade (1d6 short sword5dexterity+2 weapon finesse class feature+1 light blade expertise 1 two weapon fighting +2d6 sneak attack) = (3d69 damage vs combat advantage)

thrown attack: 14 dagger, 5 squares(shortrange), (1d42d6+8 damage) (Jess only gets the +1 damage bonus from two-weapon-fighting in melee)

Backstab is a 2/enc power that gives a 3 to-hit and a +1d6 damage when Jess has CA. The maximum bonus Jess could get on a single attack would be a charging backstab: +18 short sword (1d6 ss2d6 sneak+1d6 backstab+9 = 4d6+9).


INV. TOTAL: 73 lbs

| 180ish gold

12 lbs | 12ish potions

WEAPONS: 15 lbs
07 lbs | 7 daggers
02 lbs | short sword
02 lbs | shortbow
03 lbs | 29 arrows

ARMOR: 15 lbs
15 lbs | veteran’s leather armor

PERSONAL: 11 lbs
06 lbs | Jessamine’s Reversible Cloak
03 lbs | Jessamine’s Black Book
01 lbs | Thief Tools
01 lbs | Disguise Kit

TRAVEL: 21 lbs
02 lbs | Backpack
05 lbs | Bedroll
01 lbs | 2 Beltpouches
04 lbs | 4 days rations
05 lbs | silk rope (50ft)
04 lbs | waterskin
| Flint/steel

l11 Mask of Slithering (dodge attacks) p144 adventurer’s vault
exodus knife: p171 adventurer’s vault


Jessamine is a finely made halfling child. He has large, innocent eyes and a headful of tangled golden curls. He rarely speaks unless spoken to. His clothes are finely made and he has a natural air of silent nobility. He is fastidiously cleanly and has good manners for a young boy.

When shit hits the fan, Jessamine’s persona drops. He is a quick, foul-mouthed combatant who ruthlessly targets the most vulnerable areas of an enemy with no remorse or hesitation.



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